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Insurance Planning

Even the best investment plans can crumble if you have not properly prepared for the unexpected. Should something happen to you or a family member such as a disability, death, or a long-term care need, the careful planning and investing you have so diligently developed can be unraveled in an instant.

By learning more about your situation, we can evaluate your current risk plans to determine if they are adequately meeting your needs at this stage of your life and as you plan for the future. We will make suggestions that not only address your risk management needs but also consider the tax implications of these changes.

No matter how much financial planning someone has completed, it could be all for naught in the event of a tragedy. 

We can help you to determine the most suitable amount of insurance and type of policy to protect against unforeseen circumstances.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the most important financial purchases an individual can make. In the event of a tragedy, life insurance proceeds can help pay bills, continue a family business, finance a child's education, protect a spouse's retirement plans, and much more. If a wage earner passes away, a family could be devastated financially without life insurance.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long-term-care insurance provides benefits for medical and other services provided to insured individuals who need constant care in their own homes or in a nursing home. For long-term-care needs, we offer comprehensive policies, nursing home policies, home, community-care policies and shared benefit policies.

Disability Insurance

The chances of experiencing a disabling sickness or injury may be higher than you think. Even if you have an income protection plan through your employer, it may not replace enough income to meet financial obligations if you became disabled. An individual income protection insurance plan is a completely portable way to complement existing work benefits or other disability coverage.


Annuities are designed to provide payments at specified intervals, usually for a specified period, for an individual’s life or for the life of an individual and their spouse. They are a way to provide a steady stream of income during retirement years.